A workstation is defined as a computer designed for performing technical and scientific applications.

There are different variants of workstations that cater to various requirements. For example; a video editing workstation is capable of driving three-dimension modes and its compact design, helps in faster networking using professional tools.

A workstation is used for various purposes. There are different types of workstations aimed at achieving different goals. Some of the important workstations that are in use are:

  • Graphics/CAD/CAM workstation
  • Audio/Video Editing workstation
  • Virtualisation workstation

Given below is a detailed description of the above-mentioned workstations.


Graphics/CAD/CAM Workstation

Graphic designers require a different kind of workstation. They need to design varieties of graphic content that may include posters, packaging, magazines, advertisements, and other graphics media. Graphic workstation is highly used in image editing and desktop publishing, web designing, etc. A graphic designer usually requires various features in their workstation such as high density colour, high resolution, high processing speed, etc. for designing a graphic content.

Similarly, an engineer or an architect may have to design the blueprint of a building for which he may have to use CAD/CAM(Computer-Aided Design/ Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software. A CAD/CAM software requires high specification that are normally not available in a general PC. and that is why designers or engineers require CAD/CAM workstations. This type of workstation helps them to make 2D or 3D blueprint efficiently.


Audio/Video Editing Workstation

Audio/Video workstation is used to create and edit audio and video files. This type of workstation is also used in music industry for recording music, making music CDs, etc. Special hardware and software is required to build audio/ video editing workstation. In addition, this type of workstation requires special audio and video card. It also requires special adapters for audio and video from various sources. Further, in this type of workstation dual or multiple, monitors are required to keep track of every scene or sound.

Virtualisation Workstation

Hardware Virtualisation is the most modern concept that is based on cloud computing. Both the virtualisation hardware and software are used in the virtualisation workstation. This concept helps in giving the end user an experience of uncompromised workstation. Virtualisation is basically running more than one operating system on a single physical PC. Virtualisation workstation is highly used in a situation where it is required to run the software in different types of operating systems.



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