What is multimedia

What is multimedia? Explain its application areas.

Multimedia is the combination of two or more media performance at the same time. It is the integration of at least a discrete and a continuous media. Media like text, graphics, and image are discrete media and audio, video are the continuous media. The multimedia can be combined with movie, presentation, interactivity, graphics or animation to provide information.

Application area of multimedia

Education: In education multimedia is used for computer based education kit, and computer based training course, online classes, CD- ROM based education kit, and computer based simulators for practical classes, presentations. Study materials containing text, image, audio, and video are more attractive and effective for teaching/ learning process.

Entertainment: multimedia is commonly used in entertainment industry mainly for developing special effects in movies, cartoons, game and interactive animation.

Webpage:   webpage include multimedia components like text, image, sound, video to provide information to the user. Use of multimedia component make webpage more attractive and informative.

Business: In business multimedia is used for advertisement such as television, web based advertisement. It is used foe meetings, presentation. Forecasting   related to business.

Communication: popular communication media at present like, audio/video chat, video conferencing, internet use multimedia for sharing of information.

Engineering: Multimedia is used for designing the product (prototyping) before it is actually developed. Multimedia based simulators are used for training the users.

Sports: In sports, multimedia is used for scoring, presenting scores, live telecast, helping to make decision for umpire/ referees, predications etc.

Weather forecasting: It includes multimedia for presenting climatic condition to the viewers, presenting the position of cloud, chance of rain etc.

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