What is mouse? Types of Mouse.

It is a Pointing devices that allows to control the movement of the pointer  ( also known as Mouse pointer) on screen . Mouse performs various functions by detecting two -dimensional motion relatively to its supporting surface.Generally, a mouse has two buttons-right button and left button.

Mouse also includes a scroll wheel between these two button scroll down the application window and their contents also.

These are three types of mouse as follows:

  1. Wireless mouse
  2. Mechanical mouse
  3. Optical mouse

There are four actions of mouse as follows:

  1. Click or left Click It select an item on the screen.
  2. Double Click It is used to open a document or program.
  3. Right Click It displays a list of commands on the screen. Right clicking is used to access the properties of selected object.
  4. Drag and Drop It is used to move an item on the screen.

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