What is function? Advantage of function.

What is function? Advantage of function.

A function is a self contained block of statement that performs. Some specific and well defined task. A function can be user define or pre-defined function. User defined function is declared, defined and used by the programmer according to their need. Library function is a predefined function in a header file programmer can use this function by simple including header file in the program.


Advantages of function are:

  • Function increase responsibility of program code.
  • Program development is faster.
  • Program debugging is faster and easier.
  • Length of the program can be reduced.
  • With function, it is easier to understanding the logic involve in the program.
  • Function reduces program complexity.
  • Recursive call is possible through function.
  • Function increases program readability.


What is recursive function?

A recursive function is a function that called itself. To be a recursive function.

  • It should call itself
  • It should have a stopping condition
  • Every time the function is called, it should be closer to the stopping condition




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