What is a web app?

What is a web app?

You no doubt have a bunch of apps residing on your smartphone. If you use windows 10 on your PC, than you have not only the pre-installed apps such as mail and calendar, but you might also have one or more apps, downloaded from the windows store. If the Mac is more your style, then you are probably quite familiar with apps such as music and message, and you might have installed a few others from the apps such as much and messages and you might have installed a few others from the app store. We live, in other words in a world full of apps which is the context of your phone or computer, are software programs dedicated to a signal topic or task.

So what then is a web app? It’s actually something very similar to an app on a device or PC. That is, it’s a website, built using web technologies such as HTML. CSS, and JavaScript, that has two main characteristics;

  • The web app is focused on a single topic or task.
  • The web app offers some sort of interface that enables the user to operate the app in one or more ways.

In short a web app is a website that looks and acts like an app on a device or computer. This is opposed to a regular website, which usually tackles several topics or task and has an interface that for the most part only enables users to navigate the site.


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