What is a mobile web App?

What is a mobile web App?

In late 2016, the world reached a milestone of sorts when the percentage of people accessing the web via mobile device such as Smartphone and tablets surpassed the percentage of people doing the web thing use desktops and notebooks. The gap between mobile web user and everyone else has only widened since then, so it’s safe to say that we live in a mobile web world now.

What does that mean for you as a web developer? It means you can’t afford to ignore mobile user when you build your web pages. It’s mean you can’t code your web page using a gigantic desktop monitor and assume that everything will look great on a relatively tiny Smartphone screen. It means that you’d do well to embrace the mobile web in a big old bear hug by creating not just web app but mobile web apps. What is the difference? A mobile web app is the same as web app that is it has content and an interface dedicated to look good and work well in a mobile device. This is known as the mobile-first approach to web development, and it’s one of the hottest topics in the web coding world.

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