Using –e option

Using –e option

When you use the -e option with the nestat command, it displays the summary off all the packets that have been sent and received over the NIC. The syntax of the command is:

netstat  -e

Bytes: Refers to the number of bytes transferred or received since the computer was turned on.

Unicast packets: Refers to the packets sent from or received at a computer. These packets are directly sent from one computer to another computer and the address of the computer is stored in either the source or destination address part of the packet.

Non-unicast packet: Refers to the packets that are not directly transmit from one workstation to another.

Discard: Refers to the number of packets that was rejected by the NIC at the time of transmitting or receiving because of incorrect order of assembling the packets.

Errors: Refer to the number of errors that occur at the time of transmission.

Unknown protocols: Refers to the number of received- packets that are not interpreted by the Windows networking stack.


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