Upgrading an Intel CPU

Upgrading an Intel CPU

There are two basic points about Intel processor that everyone needs to know before embarking on the upgradation process.

  • Firstly, there are no pins in Intel CPU., The pins are actually in the socket. While installing or upgrading an Intel processor, the pins are prone to bending. Therefore, handle CPUs with immense care.
  • Secondly, the sizes of relevant parts of Intel CPU may vary for different socket formats. However, the installation and removal process for each are exactly the same.

To upgrade an Intel CPU:

  1. Rotate all mounting pushpin caps to the left.
  2. After it is released, gently pull one of the pushpins straight up. This may require a minimal force. Do this for all four pushpin latches.
  3. To loosen the CPU, gently rotate the processor back and forth,( i.e., shake the processor in the vertical axis). This enables the heat sink to come free.
  4. There is a latch lever on the edge of the CPU. To lift the socket cover, push down the lever, pull it slightly outwards and release it upward.
  5. The socket cover can be lifted.
  6. Keep CPU in a protective storage container.
  7. Set pins into the mounting holes properly.
  8. Keep the heat sink in level.
  9. Finally, connect wires and remove cabling, or reinstall motherboard if removed.



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