Upgrading an AMD CPU

Upgrading an AMD CPU

The procedure for installing an AMD CPU is similar to that of an Intel CPU. The only difference is that an AMD CPU has contact pins located on the CPU and not in the socket, as in the case of an Intel CPU.

To install an AMD CPU:

  1. Lift the hinged lever latch attached to the AMD heat sink that locks the heat sink. A thin-bladed screwdriver is required for releasing heat sink as it is attached by one or more tabs on the socket.
  2. Rotate CPU back and forth; this will loosen up the CPU.
  3. Lift up the freed heat sink.
  4. CPU is locked in place using ZIF lever. Lift the lever and swing it. This shifts the CPU to one side.
  5. Now, lift the CPU to remove it.
  6. Keep processor in an anti-static bag.
  7. Now, take the new CPU by the edges. A small gold or silver triangle onto one corner of the processor is visible. Match it up with the congruent triangle in the socket corner.
  8. Align the triangles and lower the CPU in place.
  9. After the CPU is in place, re-latch the ZIF lever.
  10. Remove thermal compound from heat sink. Put a tiny bead of thermal compound over the CPU surface, and spread it evenly.
  11. Re-attach the heat sink and swing it in place.
  12. Now, connect the heat-sink fan and reattach any removed wires or cables.


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