Troubleshooting Problems of a Wireless Network

Troubleshooting Problems of a Wireless Network

In a wireless network, computers or devices are connected wirelessly means there is no cable in between them. There may arise various problems in such connectivity. There may be problems such as a device is unable to detect a wireless network and a device appears to receive signals but you are unable to communicate.

The common problems faced while connecting to a wireless network are:

Problem 1: A computer does not detect a wireless network.

Solution: If a computer does not detect a wireless network that you think is computer, then you need to check the following things to find a wireless network:

  • Ensure that the wireless switch on the computer is turned on
  • Check that the computer is in the range of the wireless router or AP
  • Ensure that the wireless router or AP is turned on
  • Ensure that there is no interference between the connected devices
  • Ensure that Windows is configured to connect to the right type of wireless network
  • Check that the router or AP is not busy
  • Ensure that the network you want to access is not blocked by the network administrator


Problem 2: The wireless LAN is not working.

Solution: A few techniques you can use when a wireless LAN receives a signal from AP, but is unable to communicate with another connected device.

Perform the following action when a wireless LAN is not working:

  • Ensure that LAN receives signals from AP. If the LAN does not receive signal, or has low signal strength, then you need to reposition the antenna of the wireless adapter.
  • Check whether the firmware (combination of software and hardware) required for wireless networking is up-to-date or not. If not, then check the website of the vendor for hardware and software updates. These updates are bug free.
  • Ensure that you have configured the correct IP address for LAN.


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