Tools which are used for sniffing are known as sniffer

There are two types of sniffers 

  1. Hardware Sniffers
    Like hardware keylogger , hardware sniffers are the physical tool which are used to intercept the packets . A hardware tool is installs between the server and target that hardware works on layers od OSI model either on level 2 or level 3 . mainly for the sniffing software sniffers are used . Hardware sniffers stores the packets information into the log file or depending upon the hardware used.
    Hardware sniffer is basically installed when the wired connection is present between two hots . Hardware sniffers are useless when it comes to the wireless sniffing.
  2. Software sniffers
    Software sniffers are known as packet analysers and are widely used for the sniffing traffic and packets analysis . Packets analysis is one of the important technique in which all the incoming and outgoing packets are analysed . From the packets analysis information is gained . On the big levels traffic monitoring is done regularly to avoid the threats coming to the network . Sometimes malware or viruses can be packed into the packet and transferred  by the attacker so using the packets analysis , exploitation can be avoided .
    Wireshark is one of the most powerful packets analyzer tools. Wireshark come pr-installed in kali linux whereas it is available for download on its websites . Along with  wireshark , TcpDump and tShark are also used. tShark is command line based wireshark tool used for packets analysis

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