Token Ring

Token Ring

Token Ring is a type of LAN technology, which is developed by the International Business Machines (IBM) and is standardized in IEEE 802.5 group of IEEE. This technology is based on the Ring topology.

The data transfer rate of Token Ring ranges from 4 Mbit/s to 16 Mbit/s. Token Ring works by circulating a packet consisting of data referred to as token or data frame. The token is passed to all the nodes in the network and returned to the node from where it (token) had started. When the token reaches the node that is meant to receive the data, the node copies the data and sends the packet back to the sender with a received notification. The transmission of data can be done according to the request priority access of the token. It means that the higher priority node transfers the data first. Unlike Ethernet, Token Ring is useful in preventing and resolving collisions of data.

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