Throughput Tester

Throughput Tester

In networking, the main problem faced by the users is the slow speed of the network. In reality, to check the speed of the network, you need to measure the throughput of the network. Therefore, to measure the throughput of the network, you need a tool named throughput tester. It tests the performance of a wireless as well as wired network.

Like protocol analyzer, the throughput tester also checks the traffic on the network and can categorize the types of traffic that slows down the bandwidth. There are various manufacturers, such as Tamosoft, that make throughput testers.

It can be seen from Fig.NET-6.2 that the software is measuring the traffic between a client and a server. The client establishes a connection and transmits the TCP and UDP data streams. The result of this test is displayed in the form of numeric and 3D charts.

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