Thinnet is a 50 ohm- thin (5mm) coaxial cable used with Ethernet 10base2 networks. This cable has an outside diameter of 0.35 cm and has low installation cost as it can be tuned and wrapped. As the installation cost is cheap, therefore, these cables are sometimes known as cheapernet. This cable is used for short distance as it support only 185 meters maximum segment length.

British Naval Connector (BNC) is used to connect network devices to Thinnet. BNC connector is usually a male connector, which is located at both the ends of a cable. The center pin of this connector is linked to center conductor. This connector also has a metal tube, which is used to connect outer cable shield. This metal tube contains a rotating ring, which is used to connect the cable to any female connector. BNC Tee connectors (BNC T connectors) are female connectors, which are used to connect two cables to a network interface card (MC). Let’s now learn about fiber optic cable.


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