The Traceroute Utility

The Traceroute Utility

TCP/IP uses the traceroute utility that helps in solving some questions, such as where do all packets go? When did you send them over the Internet? And how do all packets reach their endpoint (destination)? Traceroute utility also displays the route taken by a packet to get to a remote device by calling the IP Packet Time-To-Live (TTL), time-outs, and Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) error messages. This utility helps you to find out the route in an internetwork due to which the network failure occurs.

In Windows operating system, you can access the Traceroute utility by using the Tracert command.

You can type the following command:



This command is used when you have problem in reaching the Web server on the Internet, and also in case when the server does not respond to any command. Tracert command is also used to determine bottlenecks of dour network. If you receive an asterisk symbol in the output, this indicates that the attempt to reach the router took longer than the default time-out value.


You can reach the routing loop condition if you view the repeated IP address and TTL timeouts.



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