The Radio Waves Technology

The Radio Waves Technology

A radio wave is an invisible electromagnetic radiation (radiation with magnetic as well as electric fields) whose frequency lies in the range of a few Hz (usually 3KHz) to 300 GHz.

The radio wave technology can be classified into two types: Single Frequency Radio Technology (SFRT) and Spread Spectrum Technology (SST). The following are the descriptions of these technologies:

SFRT: Uses a single frequency to transmit data from one device to another. Both the sender and the receiver must be set to a specific frequency for the transmission of data. In SFRT, any kind of interference affects the transmission of data.

 SST: Uses multiple frequencies to transmit data from one device to another. In SST, interference does not affect the transmission of data.

The radio waves technology is used extensively for communication. The primary advantage of using this technology over IR is that there is no need to maintain line-of-sight between sender and receiver. After learning about wireless network technologies, let’s now understand wireless networking standards in the next section.


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