The pathping Command

The pathping Command

Path in command combines the functionality of the traceroute and ping utilities in a single network. It • also adds RTT and packet loss to the output. This command also shows the percentage of packet to at any given router or link. Moreover, this command also determines the routers or links due to which the network problem occurs. The syntax of the pathping command is:

pathping [host name]

In the preceding syntax, you can simply replace the [host name] sections with the appropriate entries as follows:

pathping [ipaddress]

Option Description
-g host-list Allows you to use a loose source route along the host-list
-h maximum_hops Shows the maximum number of hops to find target
-i address Uses the specified source address
-n Does not resolve addresses to hostnames
-p period Specifies the time in milliseconds taken between consecutive pings
-q num_queries Indicates the number of queries per hop
-w timeout Defines the timeout values in millisecond at every reply
-4 Allows you to forcefully use an IPv4
Allows you to forcefully use an IPv6


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