The IR Technology

The IR Technology

In the IR technology, wireless networking is established using the IR light beam. IR refers to a light wave which have low frequency than a human eye can accept and construct. In computers or any other devices, IR is used in digital mode that means; signals are pulsed on and off very quickly to send data from one point to another. Apart from computers, the IR technology is also used in intrusion detectors, television remote control systems, control units, robot control systems, line-of-sight laser communications, cordless microphone headsets, modems, printers, and other peripheral devices.

The IR technology allows you to transfer data between devices that are connected via IR; however, this technology is slow in transferring data compared to other forms of wireless technologies. Communication between IR devices occurs with the help of the Infrared Data Association (IrDA) protocol. This protocol sets standards for transferring data between devices connected through the IR technology.

Standard Description
Maximum speed Up to 4 Mbps
Maximum range 1 meter
Security None
Compatibility IrDA
Communication mode Point to Point ad-hoc


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