Hacking Simply Refers To gainning Unauthorized Access Into A System  or we can also say that aim of Hacking is “To compromise the security of a system in order to gain Access into it” Note : Hacking is unauthorized intrusion into a compute or a network.The person engaged in hackingContinue Reading

They are phases : Reconnaissance: In this phase , Attacker find information about Target It can done activity or passively . It brings us closer to the target by giving some sensitive information about target. Scanning: In this phase Attacker find much more information about Target Attacker can perform portContinue Reading

Type of hackers. The following are categories of hackers. Script kiddies.These hackers have limited or no training and know how to use only basic techniques or tools. Even then they may not understand any or all of what they are doing. White-Hat Hackers These hackers think like the attacking party butContinue Reading

Ethical hacking is a term used for identifying the hacking threat done by an individual or company to help know the potential threats on any network or computer. Ethical hackers are given permission to hack the system by the product owner so that identifying the weakness is made easy.  TheContinue Reading