System Analysis

System Analysis

System analysis is the process of analyzing a system and trying to find a way to modify it and to create a new system to meet the user s need, During system analysis, data are collected from the Various available , sources by using tools such as interview, on-site observation, questionnaire, sampling, research and documentation.

During this stage, all procedures, requirements must  be analyzed and documented. System Analysis includes sub-dividing the. complex process, identification of data store and manual processes too. Finally, system analysis determines the shapes, form, strength, capability of the system.

 System Design

This phase is concerned with the: design of final system. The design of an information system produces the details that Clearly describe how a system will be developed. During this phase, the designer must design all the aspects of the system from the input and output screen report database and process of computing. The detailed design information is passed on to the programmers for the purpose of software development. Designers are responsible for providing programmer with complete software specifications. Designing tools like algorithm, flowchart, pseudocode, decision table, etc. used for system design.

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