Steganography Methods

Steganography Methods

  1. Traditional Methods 
  • Hidden Tattoos
  • Using wax paper
  • Using the news articles by highlighted  text method
  • Microdots and symbolic communication

2. Modern Methods 

  • Plain text 
    One of the common methods of steganography is by using plain text . Plain text steganography can be done by using the letters present in a paragraph or sentence. Special hover or text highlighted is used for this method
  • Hyper Text Image 
    Steganography based on Hypertext is similat to plain text. Generally the message is hidden the file using the comments which is generally not visible to normal user and hence can be viewed by the inspection of source code and hence might be used for stegnography . In this case the method is not much secure because an advanced user can easily detect this stegnography . Sometimes it may present within the phrases , image or any other page content settings.
  • Video 
    Messages and information can be hidden inside the videos by the help of steganography. Videos steganography is widely used for the secret information interchange . It is somewhat similar to the hypertext steganography . Unlike the audio and video steganography , messages can also be hidden using slight different colors which can’t be detected easily by visual lookup.
  • Audio 
    Audio steganography is one of the most commonly used techniques . It can be done by digitally emebdding  a file into audio files or hiding any information directly within  the audio file which can be extracted directly . It can be done by creating some additional music notes or additional music sequence on the sheet.
    Digital embedding is a process of embedding a message into audio files . Redundant bits are used for embedding the message into the files . Since the audio is one of the inaccurate data formts , slight changes in the bits can’t be easily detected . Generally least significant bits are used for redundant bits
  • Executable 
    Stegnography can be done with the help of executable files some specially designed tools are used to hide information within the executable files . it also uses redundant bits for the steganograpy . The executable file is not affected by the hidden data and also there is no visual detection of steganography in it
  • Image 
    Most common and widely used technique is image steganography . An image is used to hide the data and information within it. From the close inspection or naked eye inspection , the hidden information can’t be detected just like audio and video steganography , some redundant bits are used for the steganography . The original image and infected image (steganography performed image) are exactly same on looking wuth naked eyes or visual lookup . It can only be detected using the techniques named steganalysis

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