Standard Client 

Standard Client 

A standard client is an ordinary PC commonly used in every home or office. It is also known as thick client, fat client or heavy client. Standard clients are independent and capable of functioning without any server or network. However, these can be connected to servers or network as per requirement. These clients can have their own software and operating system, and also the capability to work when offline.

In scenarios where a standard client is connected to a server, it may retrieve programs and files stored on the hard drive of the local machine. In such a case, it is simply called as client. In many business environments, these clients are supplied to employees in order to access files stored on the local servers. It can also use computers offline. The following are several advantages of a standard client:

  • It can be used offline.
  • It can increase flexibility.
  • It improves the performance of multimedia applications.
  • It provides better peripheral support.
  • It does not require any server or network support.


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