A speaker is one of the most common output devices which is used with Speaker computer systems. There are some speakers, which are designed to be used specifically with computers and others, which can be used with any kind of sound system. Speakers are used to produce sound output which a user can hear. The sound is generated by the sound card installed in the motherboard.

Speakers convert electromagnetic waves into sound waves. They can receive audio input from a computer either in analogue or digital form. The sound is defined by the frequency and the amplitude. The high and low pitch of a sound defines the frequency, and the amplitude is defined by the change in air pressure created by the speakers’ sound waves.

There are two types of speakers: active, which can amplify the sound, and passive, which cannot amplify it. They come in pairs to produce stereo sound. Surround systems may include four to seven speakers and a subwoofer.

Earlier in this session, concepts related to surrounding speakers and their connection to the computer or other devices, such as surround sound processors or A/V receivers were discussed in the audio-related section. The operating system’s audio controls settings can be manipulated to produce the best performance from the speakers.

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