Social Networking Services

Social Networking Services

 Social networking is the activity of creating personal and business relationships or connections with other people by using Internet-based social media programs. Social networking is done by using the social networking service. Social networking service (popularly called social networking sites) is an online service used by people to build social relations or social networks with people who share similar interests, careers, activities or real-life connections. Such sites allow users to share ideas, opinions, photos, videos and inform people about real world events and activities for instance, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

Social network services are of three types:

  • Socializing Social Network Services: These services are used to socialise with existing friends, for example Facebook.
  • Networking Social Network Services: These services are used for non-social interpersonal communication, for example Linkedln.
  • Social Navigation Social Network Services: These services are used for helping users to find specific information or resources, for example Goodreads for books.

Why Social Networking is so Popular?

There can be a number of reasons that can be attributed to the popularity of social networking sites globally. Some of these reasons are listed below.

  • Worldwide Connectivity
  • Commonality of interest
  • Real-time information sharing
  • Targeted advertising
  • Increased news cycle speed
  • Job hunting


What is a Profile?

A Profile is personal information describing a user and his interests. The Profile page of a user on any social networking site introduces them and provides information about their background. With the help of information contained in the profile, the outside world comes to know about the user’s online presence. This information helps the user find friends or acquaintances on social media sites.

User profile can contain the following information:

  • Name or nick name
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Workplace
  • Education background
  • Marital status
  • Cover photo
  • Photos and videos
  • Friends list
  • Group
  • Communities
  • Personal interests

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is the practice of convincing people to reveal confidential information about themselves, friends, relatives or colleagues. it involves human interaction and befooling people into breaking security procedures. Attackers gain trust of victim or victim’s family or friends and manipulate them, so that the required information is revealed.

Social Engineering has two approaches:

  • Direct Approach: In this approach, the imposter directly convinces the victim to steal information through the means of phishing.
  • Indirect Approach: In this, direct participation of the victim does not happen. The attacker gains information through victim’s relatives or friends.

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