Sniffing is the process of intercepting the exchange of information between two hosts . In sniffing , attacker intercept the information which is exchanged in the form of packets from the communication between HOST A and HOST B or simply client and server . Sniffing is one of the important techniques and plays a major role in the penetration testing.

Sniffing is simply refers to stealing the sensitive information or data over a network . The data may be password , login details texts , file , etc . In the sniffing attacker setups man in the middle attacks or packets sniffers to intercept the packets which are used to transfer the information between client and server . Now attacker analyse the packets to gain sensitive information . An attacker can manipulate and modify the packets to hack into the network . Also sniffing gives attacker an advantage to change the information of the original  packets and send  the fake packets packet to the receiver.

In the process of penetration testing sniffing is one of the major techniques which professional uses. Sometimes an attacker can sniff passwords or credentials over the wireless network which are generally not encrypted . Wireshark is one of the powerful packer analyzer which is used for sniffing the network traffic and analyzing the packets

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