Setup Network Connection

Network connection is used to connect internet via our own Personal Computer (PC), to set up network connection, the detailed procedures are as follows

  •   First, click on the start button, then on Control Panel
  • The Windows XP Control Panel will appear. Click on the Network and Internet Connections category.
  • Next, click on set up or change your Internet Connection.
  • The Internet Properties dialog will open, showing the connection tab. The [Setup] button will be highlighted. Click on it.
  • The New Connection Wizard will begin with a welcome screen. Click on [Next].
  • For Network Connection Type click the round button beside connect to the Internet, then click on [Next].
  • On the Getting Ready screen, click the round button beside Set up my connection, manually, then click on [Next].
  • For Internet Connection click the round button beside Connect using a dial-up, modem, then click on [Next>].
  • On the Connection Name screen, enter the say wlink in ISP Name box, then click on [Next>].
  • On the phone Number to Dial screen, enter say 15100 in the Phone Number box, then click on [Next>].
  • On the Internet Account Information screen, enter:

-Your username in the User Name: yourname

-Your password in both the Password: and the Confirm Password: your password

Then, uncheck the square box beside Turn on Internet connection. Firewall for this account. It will slow down your effective modem speed without adding much protection.

  • Finally, click on [Next>].
  • At the Completing the New Connection Wizard screen you only need to click on [Finish].

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