Secure socket layer (SSL)

Secure socket layer (SSL)

Secure socket layer (SSL) is one of the transport– layer security protocols developed by netscape that provides authentication, encryption and integrity. The main object of the protocol is to transmit private and confidential document across the internet.

Why Do We Need SSL?

The importance of protecting your data is obvious once you realize the types of information we regularly send across the internet. When you make a purchase online, your credit card number, name and address are sent to a webserver, which could be anywhere across the globe. When you sign into a website, your login name and password are sent to a webserver, the same login and password that are used to access your most personal and important financial information. The list goes on and on. 

The Importance of SSL

There is nothing else out there quite like SSL. Every day, more and more websites are using SSL, and one day, all communications on the internet will be encrypted. There are several industry and browser initiatives that are encouraging all sites to deploy at least basic SSL encryption. 

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