A PS/2 port is also known as a mini-DIN 6 connector. It was first found on IBM PS/2 as a mouse and keyboard interface port. It was much smaller than its earlier interfaces, which were the DIN 5 keyboard port and serial mouse connector. Figure 33 shows both PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports. A keyboard port is generally purple in colour whereas the colour of the mouse port is basically green.

The two main types of wired keyboard connectors were: AT and PS/2 connectors. Now, PS/2 connectors are still popular, but they are quickly being replaced by the USB-attached keyboards. The original but now extinct AT connector is round, has a diameter of half-an-inch and has a 5-pin DIN configuration. The PS/2 connector is a smaller 6-pin mini-DIN connector.

Now, wireless keyboard and mouse is used with the help of Bluetooth technology or a proprietary RF implementation. Now, an adapter is provided with keyboards and mice to change USB connector to the PS/2 interface. Manufacturers provide a device with a single PS/2 connector coloured as half purple and half green, which indicates that only one device can be attached to the same interface. But, in this case only one of the two types of device can be connected at a time.

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