Protocol is simply a set of rules which defines a standard way for exchanging information over a network .

Most commonly used protocol are :

  1. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).
    TCP is one of the core part of IPS(internet protocol suite) . Other one component is IP. TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol . TCP provides the  facility to exchange the information or data directly between two hosts Many major internet applications like e-mail, file transfer etc .rely upon TCP. This protocol contains variety of flags like SYN, ACK , RST, FIN etc.
  2. Internet Protocol (IP)
    Internet Protocol is other core part of IPS . IP is the main communication protocol with is used for exchanging packets over inter-network using  IPS . IP is used to deliver packets from source to destination.
    Internet protocol is responsible for establishment of internet
  3. User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

    User Datagram Protocol (UDP) does not contain any flag. UDP  allows computer application to send message over internet protocol  (IP) . In , UDP , data or message are considered as DATAGRAM . UDP was designed by Devid P Reed in 1980.
    In UDP , simple transmission model is used and there is no handshaking  method is used which results into unreliability , duplication and missing of the information without notice.
    Data on the internet is generally organized into standard TCP or UDP packets . A packets is bunch of information . Different services use different ports to exchange the information

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