Protect your Android phone from a virus

Protect your Android phone from a virus

There is no one smartphone who can’t catch in the virus. Because every smartphone has a little bit of virus . So virus are simply exist in our smartphone but our android version and processor are too capable with fight them.

If any phone has a large number of virus and malware then it’s getting started hang to over heating system died problems.

So if you want to reduce virus. You have to scan your mobile and don’t connect it with a laptop or pc if they have virus. Don’t connect with any unregistered wifi.

There are some other ways also to protect your device from hacks and threats are given:

  • Keep your Operating system updated
  • Keep a backup of your sensitive data
  • Keep your Antivirus Software Updated
  • Download only from authorized sources such as Google Play Store.

Its only one solution to safe by virus.

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