Packet Internet Groper, commonly abbreviated as PING, is a diagnostic tool that tests connectivity between two nodes or devices across a network. PING verifies whether or not a network data packet is capable of being distributed to an address without having errors. It also determines the network accessibility of a specific IP address and is used in order to determine and ensure that a host computer which a user is trying to reach is really operating. Primarily, PING is used to troubleshoot internet connections. In a nutshell, PING is commonly used to check the errors that the network has and it also simply means “to get the attention of” or “to check for the presence of”.

What is the Ping tool? What is it used for?

The Ping tool is used to test whether a particular host is reachable across an IP network. A Ping measures the time it takes for packets to be sent from the local host to a destination computer and back. The Ping tool measures and records the round-trip time of the packet and any losses along the way. Domain Tools’ Ping service offers Ping information in to display in a graphical and organized manner available directly from the Domain Tools Web page. This tool tests basic connectivity of domains and IP addresses. Use this tool for troubleshooting purposes and to test response times.

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