Performing flag scan using hping3

Hping3 is a powerful tool which is pre=installed in kali linux . Hping is a used for advanced pinging , packet crafting,flooding the target by dos and many other uses .

To take the overview of hping tool , open terminal in kali linux and type “hping3-h”. it will open help screen of hping tool .

there are many options for performing various attacks

(shown in screenshot)

Performing flag scan using hping3

  1. Open terminal in kali linux and type “wireshark”. wireshark will be opened and choose interface on which packet sniffing is to be performed . Click on Start Capture and minimize the window.
  2. Open new terminal and type “hping -s [target]”.
  3. Once the command is completed , maximize the wireshark window and analyse the packets , all the captured packets will be SYN Packet. (shown in screenshot)
  4. Practice for various attack vector of hping3. It is one of the important tool which is also useful in later stages.
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