An input devices is a hardware devices that sends data into the computer system. These devices are used to input (or enter) data and instruction into the computer system. All instructions are accepted by the CPU through electrical pulses from various kind of input devices. Some of the input devicesContinue Reading

computer were preceded by many devices developed by mankind for their computing requirements. However many centuries elapsed before technology was adequately advanced to develop computers. The key developments that took place till the first computer was developed are as follows Invention :-  Abacus Inventor :- china Time:- 16th century CharacteristicsContinue Reading

What is a servlet? A servelt is a simple Java class working on the request-response model. Various interface and classes to handle common HTTP-specific service are defined in the java servelt API. Each servelt implements the servelt interface by providing implementation of the life cycle methods, init(), service(), and destroy().Continue Reading

What is a mobile web App? In late 2016, the world reached a milestone of sorts when the percentage of people accessing the web via mobile device such as Smartphone and tablets surpassed the percentage of people doing the web thing use desktops and notebooks. The gap between mobile webContinue Reading