Other Important Protocols

1.Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

ARP is present in Network layer (layer3) OSI model . It is used to resolve ip Address into mac address.

View ARP tables

  1. Open command prompt .
  2. Type “arp –a”.
  3. ARP tables will be shown up (Shown in Screenshot)

  4. 2.Simple Mail Transfer protocol (SMTP)

    SMTP is the standard protocol used for exchanging the electronic mail (e-mail) across the IP network. SMTP Uses port 25 on TCP (for outgoing mail transfer ).

    3.Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

    DHCP lets the server automatically assign a ip address to the user system from a provided range of ip addresses DHCP server is a available for windows as well as unix based operating systems. Many of the routers come with DHCP preconfigured

    4.Internet Control protocol (ICMP)

    ICMP is used for sending the error messages indicating the host is unreachable or requested services is not available.

    ICMP rely upon IP to to perform its tasks.

    Unlike TCP and UDP it is not used for exchanging the information  between two hosts .Generally it is not used by the user network application.

    5.File Transfer protocol (FTP)

    File Transfer protocol is a standard protocol used for transferring the files from one host to another over the tcp/ip based network connection .FTP is either used with authentication password or with anonymous access.

    Viewing all TCP/UDP Connection and Listening Ports using Netstat
    1. Open command prompt.
    2. Type “netstat -an ” (for the purposes mentioned above , shown in screenshot).
    3. To explore more about netstat command type “netstat -h” or “netstat/?” to open help window.

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