On the basis of brand , IBM PC IBM compatible and apple Machine

On the basis of brand , IBM PC IBM compatible and apple Machine

Classification of computer on the basic of brand

The computer can be classified into three categories on the basic of brand.

  1. IBM PC
  2. IBM Compatible
  3. Apple/Macintosh


  • IBM PC (international business machine personal computer)

IBM is the largest computer manufacturing company established in 1924, in the USA. The IBM PCs are developed by a company named, international business machine (IBM) company so, the computers are known as IBM PC. The technology used in IBM PC is designed by the engineer of IBM Company. IBM PCs are more reliable, durable and have better quality but costly. It was specially designed for professionals and scientific problem solvers.

The IBM PC was not a powerful as many of the other personal computer that it was competing against at the time of it release. The IBM PC was created by a team of 12 IBM engineer and designer under the direction of Don Estridge of the IBM Entry system division in boco raton, Florida.

  • IBM Compatible

The computers that have some functional characteristics and principal of IBM computers are called IBM compatible. IBM compatible computer are developed by other companies than IBM companies using the technology of IBM PC. They are easily available and chipper. Their parts are easily available in the market. They are also duplicate or assemble a computer. They are popular in the world.


  • Apple/Macintosh

All the computer manufacture by apple co-operation are known as apple/Macintosh computer. It is a leading computer manufacturing company of USA apple computer are developed by apple co-operation which was established in the late 1970s in the USA apple computer are costlier than IBM computers.

These computers use their own software and hardware. Software developed for IBM computer can’t run in apple computer and vice-versa. They are totally different than that of IBM computer. In term of both hardware and software. They are available in different capacity cost and size. These computers are nearly 8% in the market.


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