Networking Devices

Networking Devices

Physical devices used for communicating between other devices on a computer network are called networking devices. There are numerous categories in networking devices for approximately unrestricted distances such as hub, bridge, switch, router & gateway. Let us discuss the different networking devices in detail in the following sections.

  1. HUBS


  • HUBS: Hub is a device, which is used for connection many computers. The main function of hub is to repeat the signal coming to one type of port and copy it to another port.


  • BRIDGES: A bridges is a device that interconnects two separate LANs. It can be used to connect two similar or dissimilar LANs.


  • SWITCHES: Switches, like bridges also work at layer 2 and provide centralized connectivity like hub. Switches examine the layer 2 header of all the incoming packets and then forwards it to that particular port.


  • ROUTERS: Router is a electronic networking device which enable communication between a user’s PC, other device on the internet.


  • GATEWAY: Gateway is a network hardware a network node that act as an interface with another network using different set of communication protocols.


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