Need for Networking

Need for Networking

Nowadays, computers have become an important part of our lives. Around the world, hundreds and thousands of computers exchange information with each other through different media, such as cables, microwaves towers, and satellites. With the help of these media, the information can be accessed in a moment. All this become possible only due to networking. Nowadays, computer networks are not merely a circuitry of cables and computers; rather, they have become the backbone of human society.

Computer network plays an important role in business environment. The employees of one department of an organization want to share some information with another department. They may need to access the information about another department or organization. All this accessing and sharing information is possible only after establishing a network. The need for computer network emerges in an office due to use of single resource such as printer which can he shared among multiple computers in that office. In the past, the person use telegraphs or letters to communicate to other person residing at a distant location. A long time was required for completing this communication process. The sender did not get any acknowledgement for delivery of letter to the appropriate person. To overcome such issues, the computer network was required. The computer network provides e-mail system by which a user can communicate with other residing at some distant location. This e-mail system allows users to send information to others residing anywhere in a moment.

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