Name Space

Name Space

Name space is used to define how domain names (strings that define authorities to access the Internet. Domain names are made by the rules of the DNS) are arranged and used in a DNS. Name space is also called as name architecture. Name space also ensures the name is unique. The architecture of the name space defines how the domain names are allocated to the particular IP address and used as a structured or unstructured way. The name space also ensures how elements of a domain name are related to each other. Mapping of each IP address to its specific name in the name space is done, either according to the Flat name space or Hierarchical name space. The description of these name spaces are as follows:

The Flat Name Space: Refers to the name which is made by the sequence of characters and is assigned to a particular address. The Flat name space arranges these names and addresses in columns and does not have any structure.

The Hierarchical Name Space: Refers to the name space that consists of many elements, such as name, type, and department of an organization. The Hierarchical name space is a tree-like structure (the tree is inverted in this case). In this system, a central control and authority is assignee to one system, which manages a group of other systems. The name contains various elements that are related to each other through as a parent and child.


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