Multimeter: A multimeter can be defined as an electronic device used to combine more than one measurement functions in a single device. It is used to measure voltage, resistance and current and is also known as Volt-Ohm Milliammeter (VOM). A multimeter can detect faults and can measure different quantities to a high degree of accuracy.

There are two types of multimeter, depending on the type of circuit being used:

  • Analog: An analog multimeter is based on a micro-ammeter that uses a moving pointer to show reading of the quantity being measured. Further, analog multimeter is cost effective however, provides less accurate results as compared to a digital multimeter.
  • Digital: A digital multimeter (DMM) is a standard diagnostic tool used by professionals in the IT industries. DMM is a digital readout device that has a pair of wires called test leads and can measure different quantities such as voltage, current and resistance with high accuracy, reliability and impedance.
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