MS Outlook shortcut keys


Switch to Mail CTRL+1

Switch to Calendar CTRL+2

Switch to Contacts CTRL+3

Switch to Tasks CTRL+4

Switch to Notes CTRL+5

Switch to Folder List in Navigation Pane CTRL+6

Switch to next message (with msg open) CTRL+PERIOD

Switch to previous message (with msg) CTRL+COMMA

Go to a different folder CTRL+Y

Create an item or file

Create an appointment CTRL+SHIFT+A

Create a contact CTRL+SHIFT+C

Create a distribution list CTRL+SHIFT+L

Create a folder CTRL+SHIFT+E

Create a Journal entry CTRL+SHIFT+J

Create a meeting request CTRL+SHIFT+Q

Create a message CTRL+SHIFT+M

Create a note CTRL+SHIFT+N

Create a task CTRL+SHIFT+K


Find a contact or other item F3

Select all contacts CTRL+A


Show or hide the To-Do Bar ALT+F2

Accept a task request ALT+C

Decline a task request ALT+D


Find a message or other item CTRL+E

Use Advanced Find CTRL+SHIFT+F

Format Text

Display the Font dialog box CTRL+SHIFT+P

Switch case (with text selected) SHIFT+F3

Make letters bold CTRL+B

Add bullets CTRL+SHIFT+L

Make letters italic CTRL+I

Underline CTRL+U

Increase font size CTRL+]

Decrease font size CTRL+[



Paste CTRL+V

Insert a hyperlink CTRL+K

All item functions


Save and close ALT+S

Save as F12


Delete an item CTRL+D

Print CTRL+P

Check spelling F7

Forward CTRL+F

Left align text CTRL+L

Center text CTRL+E

Right align text CTRL+R


Switch to Inbox CTRL+SHIFT+I

Switch to Outbox CTRL+SHIFT+O

Send ALT+S

Reply to a message CTRL+R

Reply all to a message CTRL+SHIFT+R

Forward a message CTRL+F

Mark a message as not junk CTRL+ ALT+J

Check for new messages F9

Open the Address Book CTRL+SHIFT+B

Add a Quick Flag to an unopened msg INSERT

Mark as unread CTRL+U


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