Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

A motion sensor detects physical movement on a device or in an environment. it can detect and capture physical and/or kinetic movements in real time. it is also known as a motion detector. It is usually embedded with consumer-end devices such as smartphones, smart TVs etc. For example, in smartphone, motion sensors are used to take input from users in supported games and other applications.

Motion sensors as an input device were first found in the Nintendo Wii gaming system. Then, Sony’s Move and Microsoft’s Kinect were available in the marketplace. Motion sensors are seen as replacement for the mouse, trackball, trackpad, and other built-in pointing devices. The main benefit of these devices is that a user can control the movement of an onscreen cursor without physically laying a hand on any component.

The injuries like repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) due to holding an object such as a mouse for extended periods of time do not occur because there is no contact. But, there is no guarantee that users of motion sensors will not develop habits that may lead to RSIs. They have more options, like exercising the same muscles and joints that would otherwise become damaged and begin pinching adjacent nerves.


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