Mobile Security Tools

Mobile Security Tools

Today, mobile devices (such as Smart phones and tablets) are much more powerful than their earlier versions. Some Smartphone’s have more RAM (up to 16GB) than most laptops available today, allowing people to use them for performing multiple tasks. In addition, more and more people are storing valuable personal information on their mobile devices, making these devices rewarding targets for cyber criminals. Some common mobile threats are malware, spyware, malicious websites, and email and text message phishing.

Given the importance of today’s mobile devices, security of these small devices is the utmost priority for everyone. Fortunately, protecting your mobile devices from security risks is about maintaining good habits and finding a good mobile security tool. For mobile devices, a mobile security tool is the most essential security component. There are a variety of mobile security tools available in the market. They come with extra features such as antitheft, parental monitoring, lost device protection, intruder alert, remote memory wipe, etc.

Some popular security tools are:

Lookout Mobile Security: It is a free app that protect mobile devices (Android and 105) from threats like malicious apps, unsecure Wi-Fi networks and fraudulent links. The app can also be upgraded to premium version that prevents the device using additional features like malicious website blocker, phishing, privacy advisor, device-to-device data transfer, photo and call history backup, remote locking and wiping and other support services. Lookout Mobile Security can also be used to take contacts back up, restore data on mobile crash and locate the device even when GPD is off.

Snap Secure Mobile Security: It protects mobile data by automatically taking a backup of user data and storing in in their accounts on cloud. The user can anytime access, restore and transfer the data to a new device whenever necessary. It also checks for malware on newly installed apps through its antivirus and antispyware protection feature. User has the facility to check the usage of their personal information via the Privacy Manager feature available in this app (which also has location tracker and anti-theft feature). Moreover, this tool also has the Personal Guardian feature that sends SMS, email or tweet with location details in case of an emergency.

These are free to download security tools with limited features. For added security, users can purchase security apps like Mobilelron and Airwatch, which have more security features compared to the free apps.

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