Introduction to Cyber Secure User

The internet was not originally built to be what it is was computers were huge and so expensive to own that only universities,big businesses and a few governments had them. originallythe internet was designed to facilitate these massive computer to communication to each other by sending info

rmation (mainly text) back and fourth.with the internet, the network began to take shape. it was only in 1969, the Advance Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET)– the first computer network was built. The internet gradually grew, until the emergence of personal computer in the 1980, and then it become widespread.Today, not personal computers but also other device such as phone, car, refrigerators and many more are getting connected to the internet and communicating with each other internet of everything.But the ease with which all these device communicate over a network come at a price security. One computer can send instruction to another computer to manipulate its functioning and even delete everything on it. Viruses, malware and identity theft are some of the cybersecurity threats that user face today.With so much at stake, it is imperative that appropriate measures are taken to provide protection against these imminent threats. The good news is that are simple measure that can be undertaken to remain protected at all time in the cyber world.
This is an introductory chapter that provides a basic understanding of cybersecurity and data protection. it briefly introduce some of the most common cybersecurity threats such as malware, viruses and identity theft. some safety guidelines to protect yourself against cybercrimes are also discussed. Towards the end, the chapter gives an insight about cybersecurity as a career option.


In simple word, cybersecurity is the protection pf your cyber or digital assets or information system from attacks or unauthorised acess that are aimed for exploitation. In other words, it means keeping everything you do omline safe, so no one steals your financial and personal information to use for their own gain.

The term ‘cybersecurity’ was coined in 1998 as a result of one of the first ever registered online viruses: the Morris worm. The worm caused many computers connected to the internet at the to slow down to the point that they were unusable. more recently, cybersecurity has to come to signify a form of protection form attacks designed to paralyse websites, financial network and other computer system; by flooding them with data from outside computers. protecting your cyber assets involves three simple principles:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability

Confidentiality:  Confidentiality means securing your information so that only authorised user will be able to access and view them. This can be as simple as being aware of your surroundings to make sure that nobody is peeping on your screen from behind which is known as shoulder surfing. Other example include setting access control such as login accounts with strong passwords.Integrity:  integrity simply means ensuring the inform

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