Intel Processors and Sockets

Intel Processors and Sockets

Intel Corporation is the largest semi-conductor chip maker and inventor of microprocessors embodied in personal computers. The company manufactures ICs, embedded processors, NICs, motherboard chipsets and flash memory. Intel Corporation supplies processors for major computer producers such as Apple, Dell, HP, and more.

Intel Processors Domain

Intel has come up with the following range of advanced processors:

  • Core

Earlier model like Core Sole and Core Duo were designed only for laptops. So, Intel came up with the core 2 series, developed for desktops with 64-bit memory and for multi-core support. Currently, Intel offers Core i3, i5 and i7 brands series, where i7 model i7 model is the best performer of the lot.

  • Pentium

The world still uses Pentium 4 computers which were first developed for 32-bit CPU only. It has however, updated and originated for a 64- bit CPU as well, such as the Pentium 4F and Pentium D.

  • Atom

This CPU range is range is designed for low-power devices such as smartphones and tablets.

  • Celeron

Targeted at budget computers, the Celeron brand is a low-performance processor when compared to similar CPUs with-priced Intel brands. it has less cache memory and disabled advance feature.

  • Xeon

This Intel brand is designated to server and workstation computers. It supports n-way multi-processing, ECC memory and large cache.

Intel socket

The form factor of a CPU and the way it is connected to the motherboard refers to CPU packaging. From Factor is the motherboard specification such as number of port, Dimension, power supply type, etc.

Intel use the Land Grid Array (LGA) form factor CPUs. Here the pins connecting the socket and processor are the placed on the socket. This reduces CPU damages but increase the chance of impairing the motherboard.


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