Infection Techniques

Infection Techniques

  1. Freeware Software & Games

    Freeware software & Games downloaded from the untrusted websites are bind with Trojans , which on installing them automatically  gets executed in the background . Hence this is one of the easiest way to deploy the Trojan into any system.

  2. Attachment
    Attachments in the emails or from various medium contains Trojans bind with  them . When the target open the file, Trojan automatically get executed in the background
  3. Instant messaging and social media 
    Trojans might be spread over the instant messaging and social media. From the study , it is concluded that attacker send some malicious content or links to the target over IM’s and social media which in turn contains Trojans
  4. Browser & Extensions
    web browser and its extension are sometimes infected with Trojans . There are many extension available which anonymously install the trojans into the system
  5. Untrusted Websites 
    Trojans may get transmitted from the untrusted websites
  6. File Sharing and Physical access
    Physical access to the system or during file sharing attacker can transfer the Trojans into the target system . Trojans automatically execute itself without being detected

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