Improving Person-to-Person Communication


Improving Person-to-Person Communication

The use of network provides a quick and cost effective means for people to communicate with each other. It is helpful when distance is significant. For instance, an organization wants to have a meeting of all its project leaders. The organization has its offices in Bangalore, Pune, and Kolkata. It is better to use video conferencing through the Internet to have such meeting instead of asking all the project leaders to come to the head office.

The following network services have improved person-to-person communication:

  • E-mail: Provides faster message-sending services than postal mail
  • Online discussion: Provides simultaneous textual discussion
  • Video conferencing: Provides face-to-face real-time discussion

The network uses the World Wide Web (WWW) application to provide such specified network services. In the preceding section, you learned about the advantages of networking. Let’s now learn about the disadvantages of computer networking in the next section.


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