Important Terms Associated with Network

1. Product Identification number (PID)
PID stand for Product Identification Number .PID is used to provides identification to a standalone system on a network . PID was developed to solve the problem of identification . In this , a unique id was hardcoded on the NIC (network interface card ) . But due to production of NIC by more than one manufacturer conflicts were seen . Hence pid was not much efficiently used for identification .

2.Media Access Control (MAC)

MAC address stand for Media Access Control Address MAC address is 48 bits hexa decimal number which is a unique number assigned to the network adaptors or NIC. MAC address is the combination of PID and CID (Company Identification Number ). mac address is also known as physical address .

For example : AE:6D:56:B4:A8:89

3 IP Address 

IP Address Stand for Internet protocol address . Internet Protocol is other core part of IPS . IP is the main communication protocol with is used for exchanging packets over inter-network using  IPS . IP is used to deliver packets from source to destination.
Internet protocol is responsible for establishment of internet

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