Importance of Power Supply

Importance of Power Supply

Power supply is very essential for proper functioning of a computer system. The integrated circuit-based memory should have a constant power supply. If the computer powers off, any information present in the memory gets lost forever.

The power that a computer receives from the wall outlet is high voltage AC. But all the components of a computer need only low voltage DC. So, the electricity that is taken up by the Power Supplies Units (PSU) from the wall outlet converts the AC main power supply to the required DC power supply, and supplies it to the motherboard and other internal components of the computer like hard drive, CD ROM drive, keyboard, mouse, and other essential parts. Generally, there are two types of power supplies. They are:

  • Linear power supply
  • Switching mode of power supply

In linear power supply, the output voltage is regulated by dropping the extra voltage. In this system of power supply, a moderate complex regulator circuit is used to get low load and line regulation. But in switching mode of power supply, switching regulator is used to control the electricity.

The main purpose of power supply is to convert the AC voltage to DC voltage, which is essential to run the components of the computers. Power supply units also provide cooling, and supplies the flow of air through the computer case.

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