Identity theft

Identity theft is referred as making a fake identity of the same person in order to get benefit. If  an attacker steals name and information of the target ,this thing is known as identity theft .Identity theft is generally done when attacker is engaged in cases of fraud

Fake identities are generally used by the fraudsters to commit fraud.

How an attacker steals the identity is quite interesting thing Generally people throws off bills or other documents from which an attacker can gain information of the target . Sometimes an attacker stole your purse which contains your important documents for example if an attacker gets your identity card now if he wants to use it to get fake passport  simply he will apply for a new passport stating the bills and saying that you have moved to new address now this is the major threat where the fraudsters san do big scams and ultimately the target is victimised . Once the new identity card are made , an attacker can also ask you  bank to issue new cheque book or credit and debit cards by showing the fake identity and ultimately target is now also exploited financially

From the fake identity of the target an attacker can do anything . He can issue new sim cards , bank accounts and much more fake scams on the name of the target if the activities get caught , ultimately the target is victimised in first sight

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