Human Based Social Engineering Techniques

  • Phone call

A phone call is used for social engineering an attacker owns a fake identify and tries to get information from the target .An attacker behaves like or sounds in such a manner to gain trust of the target over phone call . Now once the attacker succeeds in manipulating the target , gaining information is not a big deal

  • Message

Fake messages are sent to users to gain their personal and sensitive information. Those messages seem very real and trust worthy but actually there is a hand of attacker behind them.

  • Dumpster Diving

Looking for sensitive information in garbage or dumps is known as dumpster diving . Sometimes attacker may find a piece of paper or some important document from which sensitive information can be retrieved . when penetration testing or hacking is performed each and every possible aspect of gathering information is taken into consideration

  • Shoulder Surfing

Looking at shoulder or guessing the password by viewing a person typing or indirectly seeking into his hand movement to get password . Sometimes it provides quite sensitive information .

  • Eavesdropping

An attacker can look for the information without the permission and knowledge of the target . Eavesdropping might be happened when someone is doing sort of transitions or at any possible area where the information can be obtained by simply looking secretly . Attacker sometime hears the verbal conversation of its target to gain some information.

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